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Thread: Dachshund quilt

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    Rudy's mom - MI Guest

    Dachshund quilt

    This post is in reply to Lotsadox or any other quilter out there. This is a picture of my first and only quilt. It is all hand pieced and hand quilted took about 8 years to finish. I probably won't be doing much quilting for a while - don't have the time anymore but if I did I would love to do a dachshund quilt. Do you have a picture of your doxie quilt, Lotsadox? would love to see it. Also would like to know where I could get a pattern. Thanks.

    Rudy's mom - MI

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    There is a paper-pierced quilt pattern book that you can get off or elsewhere on the net. It is called "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" by Janet Kime. The cover and several pages inside have a dachshund pattern. There are also some squares for sale on the net that I found with a search. (I don't quilt, but one of the rescue group members does.) Also, Almost Home Dachshund Rescue has a quilt for auction on E-bay... it is up to almost $600 the last time I checked. Rena and the Waco 8

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    lotsadox Guest
    The Raining Cats and Dogs book has a really cute paper pieced dachshund pattern and also some cute cat and dogs patterns. There is also an appliqued pattern available from . She also has some other dog patterns. I do have a picture of the appliqued quilt that I made. I'll try to find it tomorrow and post it. I used the Raining Cats and Dogs pattern for the yoke on a jacket I made, too.

    I applaud you for making a quilt by hand and completeing it. I do most of my work by machine. I just don't have the patience to do it all by hand.

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    lotsadox Guest
    Okay, I just remembered where the picture was so I scanned it and here it is:

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    Rudy's Mom - if the quilt has a dachsie on it, does that not make it a dachsie quilt? I once quilted a pillow that is about 9"x 14" - took 38 hours and 42 minutes, and it was my first and last!:greensq: Julia B.
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    importgf Guest
    i wish i could do that!

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    Rudy's mom - MI Guest
    Wow, lotsadox, nice job, it's really cute. Thanks for posting the picture of it. Do you remember how long it took to make? I did check out the websites mentioned for patterns, was interesting. I know I won't have the time to make one for a long time but its interesting to look at.

    Rudy's mom - MI

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    lotsadox Guest
    This one didn't take that long. I used a fusible web on the back of the pieces and then satin stitched around them with the machine so I didn't have to do all that turning under the edges. I hand stamped the background with paw prints and quilted hearts and bones and my dogs names into the green. It was a lot of fun. I cut all the pieces out and fused them down in one afternoon while a lady papered my bathroom for me. Then I did the rest later. I'm starting to teach wearable art classes this summer and I'm really looking forward to it. It's my real love in life after dachsies!

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    Oh that is wonderful

    I absolutly love the quilt. And I would love to make one. I so admire people who are good at crafts and cooking. Both my grandmothers made beautiful quilts. My aunts and my mother are beautiful seamstresses and wonderful cooks. I am a member of the craft/cooking disfunction club. Dont ask me to sew it, or it will be oddly mishappen. Dont ask me to cook it, or it will taste bad and look nothing like what its supposed to be.

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    Rudy's mom - MI Guest
    Lotsadox, do know if it is possible to take photographs and transfer them to material? If so, how is this done, does the print come out pretty clear and would it hold up without fading when it is washed? I might possibly be motivated to do a lap quilt, on machine, if it would be possible to do something personalized. Sorry about all the questions, but thought maybe you might know the answers. Thanks.

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    lotsadox Guest
    Actually, I was just asking at the quilt store the other day. They have this great stuff. It's fabric that you can put through your ink jet printer and print the picture from your computer. The fabric is treated so that the ink jet print doesn't run. It comes out soft and washable. I don't know if they have it at places like Hancock or Joann's but a good quilt shop should carry it. If you can't find it let me know and I'll check with my shop and find out the brand etc. I haven't bought any yet, but I'd like to do a quilt with all my dogs pictures on it and that's why I was asking.


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