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Thread: Eukanuba vs Royal Canin

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    Elrial Guest

    Eukanuba vs Royal Canin

    I've searched and read previous posts about what dog food makes to feed and who feeds what etc etc.

    But my problem is I have 3 choices:
    Royal Canin
    Hill's Science Diet
    that's what they stock at the vet and most other places in South Africa, no Wellness, Nutro Ultra, Solid Gold or any of the other brands frequently mentioned by users.

    Alex has been on Royal Canin Mini Junior for 3 weeks & she was eating well and she had a bowel movement about twice a day but small and firm.

    Now I've switched to Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy (didn't really want to - I've read a few bad reviews) because it's less expensive than RC and the lady at the vet assured me it's a good quality food.

    Now her stool is loose and there's more at a time.

    I started feeding her Eukanuba on Sunday - could she still be adapting to the new food? Or is my only alternative to switch back to RC and throw away the Eukanuba??

    I'm feeding her three times a day same amount as instructed on the packet. please help?? help2:

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    kpm_tex Guest
    I think I would switch back to the RC.. I've no real experience with Eukanuba but I have heard many people refer to it as Poop-anuba just because of the results you are experiencing

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    dianmichele Guest
    I'd have to agree with that. I think that the RC is the best one out of the 3 choices that you have. Even if it's a bit more money, it's better than Eukanuba!

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    Eukanuba does have omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, but the dry food does have a lot of corn which would explain what is happening. I used to feed Eukanuba. I would go back to the more expensive Royal Canin... you will end up feeding less because there is less waste, so the cost will be similar.
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    I'm wondering if the quick switch may have given her the softer stools too. I would probably switch back to the Royal Canin too. I give Ally the Royal Canin breed specific for Doxies and she does very well on it. The best I have found from the choices I have in my town.

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    I had my pup on Royal Canin, and she LOVED it!
    I switched to to Nutro Ultra (puppy) because she gained weight (lots of fat) REALLY quickly. But she was doing fine on Royal Canin, I'd switch back to RC. I too wonder if the loose stool is from a sudden change in long was the change-over time from RC to Eukanuba??

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    scubasid Guest

    Did you blend new food in with old or make a complete switch

    hopefully you slowly switched over your pup to the new food adding less of the old and more of the new over a weeks time or so till it was a 100 % new food.

    As for Science Diet read the label on the package your feeding , on the adult maintenance it has a SUPER HIGH FIBER content making it major poops ,, its has of all things peanut shell husk,,

    Read the LABELS on the food packaging.

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    Claire77 Guest

    Stick to Royal Canin

    Hi Elrial

    As a fellow South African I know the choices. Josie and Colin have eaten Royal Canin Mini Junior and I have never looked back. They are happy and healthy and SLIM! From what I can gather most dachsie breeders in SA support Royal Canin. Why not check out the website or mail the SA Dachsie Association?

    I'm not sure of the price difference with Eukanuba but the portions are so small (and I feed two) that the big bag lasts 6 - 7 weeks. I do use the Eukanuba treats broken into threes for training and rewards. My only experience with Eukanuba is a few friends, one with dachshunds, who use it. My friend's dachsies are overweight but they were fat rescue dogs to start with so the little weight they have lost is a good thing. Otherwise they look fit and healthy!

    I have heard many of my friends complain about the cost of pet food - some even feed their pets normal supermarket food. But then they go out for dinner, drinks, buy clothes, DVD's, CD's and I realise its all about priorities. I agree that some people really can't afford premium dog food but if you can wrangle that budget, its worth it!

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    my 2 cents

    Hi, I have a choice of anything where I am and I use only RC. I am feeding 10 Doxies on it and just consider it another bill I will pay without thinking. I do however make a mixture of boiled chicken, brown rice and greens and use the RC as a filler in this mixture. This will keep your kids from getting too fat. If your kids are chubby use more greens and less RC until they are fit. You can make it up at the beginning of the week and use it all week. RC has some real health benefits to it and my dogs are all really healthy so we will never look back.
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