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Thread: Childrens Gravol...

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    Sabrina Guest

    Childrens Gravol...

    I was just wondering if anyone could advise how much childrens gravol to give your daschie to keep him calm while travelling..?

    I aologize if this is in the wrong forum I'm really good at that heh

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    kpm_tex Guest
    I've never even heard of the stuff..but then the only kids I have are the 4 legged kind. Did you ask your vet? I wouldn't give any OTC meds made for humans without first consulting a vet.

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    Sabrina Guest
    I haven't asked my vet as this is more of a last minute thing. I've read a lot of other peoples posts about giving their daschies childrens gravol to keep em calm and even read through some archives... I just can't seem to find the dosage.

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    I have not heard of this either. It is not on the list of meds that are safe to give dogs, so I would ask the vet. I am sure your vet will have something he/she can suggest.
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    Not listed at my standby human drugs for pets site . I haven't heard of the drug you mentioned so I agree ask your vet before use..
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    A quick search shows Gravol is a Canadian version of Dimenhydrinate which is a combination of diphenhydramine and chlorotheophylline. I did show some references on Canadian sites talking about using it on pets. I believe the same product here is Dramamine. Search on that shows 12.5 mg dose for small pets, but to check with the vet first. I don't believe I would use it myself without checking with my vet for safety and side effects and confirming an appropriate dose. I did see something in a quick search that mentioned while this may take care of car-sickness, it may not quell the anxiety that causes it. Cedarwood, Lavendar and Frankincense are some essential oils that help with anxiety. You could possibly put some oil on a towel that could be near your pupper to smell but not touching.

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    Marion Guest
    Although I'm in Canada and know of Gravol (thought it was for motion sickness?) I haven't ever heard of giving it to doggies - I would definitely give the vet a ring and check with him/her! Good luck...

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    I haven't heard of that either. I would definitely check with you vet before you give a dose first. Hope your travels good smooth!

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    Yes you can give your dogs gravol. It was actually recommended by my vet to keep my Cocker "quiet" while she was recuperating from a neck strain. She was 30lbs and got a whole children's gravol. It just kind of made her mellow not stoned or anything.
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    pixiey Guest
    Of course you can use it. We are from Canada originally, and with our German Shepherd, our vet recommended it (we drove from Ontario to AR, about a 20 hour drive)
    I think she weighed 60 pds, and we gave her half of one maybe twice a day? So it would depend on weight, check the label on Gravol for kids, and then make it I would say smaller by about half or more. You could always use just a small amount.
    It made her calm, but not too knocked out to go potty when we stopped. The vet recommended it for her so she wouldn't stress herself out (she wasn't used to car trips that weren't for the vet)
    Good luck


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