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Thread: swollen after neutering

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    andyhappy Guest

    swollen after neutering

    Gus came home from getting neutered this afternoon. He is 7 months old.

    He is very lethargic which I would assume is normal. He can't get comfortable though as his scrotum is very red and irritated in two little spots at the base that look like enflamed lobes of some kind.

    He also threw up. Looked like his own poop ....he was in a kennel when we picked him and it looked like he also peed in there as well.

    We are kinda freaking out about our little baby!

    it also seems like he hates us now.

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice...

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    kpm_tex Guest
    The anesthesia will make him sick to his stomach especially if he has eaten anything soon after. He will also be lethargic probably till tomorrow. He really shouldn't look swollen though... his scrotum should look normal size but flattened.. all sack, no marbles. Is the incision inflamed with any discharge? If you are concerned I would call the vet.. and ask.. they should have an after hours number or some one oncall if they are closed already.

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    oscarforevermom Guest
    Oscar had none of these symptoms after neutering. He stayed overnight at the vet - so maybe I missed that part. He slept a lot the day after surgery and we had him confined to his crate for 3 days.

    I would call the vet to have peace of mind through the night.

    for the hurting little guy for fast healing.

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    Love My Doxies Guest
    Maybe some sort of reaction - anesthetic? My boys were done last month. They had one tiny incision at the base that looked like a faint scratch. No redness or swelling. They slept a lot the first night, pretty quiet when awake. I would try to reach the vet (mine has the answering service).

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    When Joey was neutered, they made me look at his incision. That said that it should only get better, and if it didn't to bring him in asap. He was the tiniest bit red around the incision but not noticably swollen. I don't think he was allowed to eat and he had to have the "cone" on or a onsie so he didn't mess with his incision. Hope your lil' man is better soon... I'm sure it's been a rough day for him.
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    Patt Guest
    Please follow your vet’s instructions for home care after surgery. Swelling of the scrotum normally occurs after surgery, sometimes it looks like the testicles are still there but they are not. He doesn’t hate you he has no idea why he feels like he does.

    If his surgery was this afternoon, he will be groggy and/or lethargic the rest of the evening; he will probably sleep all night. Better to leave him in his crate to rest, he shouldn’t be on anything (couch or bed) that he can fall off of. Since he has vomited I would skip the food maybe a couple of sips of water or a couple of licks of an ice cube, but not much because it will make him vomit again. He can have his usual breakfast in the morning.

    To keep the incision intact restrict Gus from rough housing. Check his incision every day if it is red and weeping please see your vet for a recheck. Or if you have any questions at all please do not hesitiate to call your vet. If Gus continually bites his sutures he will need an E-collar. Sutures (if any) will be removed in 14 days, no baths until that time.

    You'll be surprised at how fast he snaps back to normal activity, it's going to be your job to keep him quiet for a week or more. Sending lots of healing for a speedy recovery.

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    HawaiiDoxieLover Guest

    Rays for your little guy

    He does not hate you...he is just still groggy, in discomfort and confused about all that happened today...I'm going through the same thing today with my girl's surgery this afternoon too (and she's paralyzed in the rear.) All dogs are different, but before you know it he'll be back to normal. I do have an e-collar on hand (from my boy's surgery) and they told me not to feed my girl ANY water or food because she'll vomit. But if you feel better having it checked you could call your vet's after hours/emergency number.

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    Marion Guest
    How is Gus this morning? The anaesthesia definitely knocks our furbabies for a six and it isn't nice to see our usually crazy puppers all groggy - but it is completely normal. They also do lose their appetite and feel nauseous so it's understandable that your little guy threw up... I don't remember any swelling at the incision but it was a long time ago, and Patt (who is very experienced) says it often does look a bit lumpy until the swelling goes down... Definitely check with the vet if you have any concerns, it's due you as part of the procedure - and don't worry about Gus hating you! I know how you feel, we all felt that, but really he's just a bit confused at the moment and in a day or two will have forgotten the whole thing! Here are some post-op. rayz for Gus! --->

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    tiggermiss Guest
    I just found this website.
    It shows you by picture how a dog is neutered.
    If you have the time, take a look at it. I hope it helps!

    Sending your little guy tons of DBB

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    andyhappy Guest

    gus is doing better

    well, we had a rough night of wimpering and crying and gus just not being able to get comfortable enough to neither did we!

    this morning his little scrotum looked like a strawberry it was so swollen and he was still in a lot of pain.

    we took him back in this morning and they said it was so red cuz he was licking it...though we were watching him like hawks. They gave us an ointment and some pain meds and then we went and got an e-collar to keep him out of there.

    Gus HATES the cone, but he does seem to be more comfortable and he is getting some rest. He even at a little food this morning as well.

    We both stayed home to watch him, but I think (I hope!) we are out of the weeds!

    thanks everyone for your comments...we were pretty freaked!

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    It's funny to see how different dogs react to different things. When Bailey came home from his neutering, he was EXACTLY the same. It's as if nothing happened. Only difference was a few licks on his surgical area, and then he stopped doing it after a few hours. It healed perfectly fine, and now you can't even tell the surgery was done. He didn't even need a cone. He did have some pain meds, and nothing more. Feeding was minimal that night to "see" if he would throw up or anything. He never threw up or anything.

    Some say that neutering calms down a puppy. Is this true? Mine is just as hyper if not more now. And, some even say it makes them gain weight? Is this another rumor that's not true?
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    Patt Guest
    Thanks for the update, I'm glad to hear Gus is doing a little better. Each dog is different so it's hard to tell what will happen except in general. He'll get use to the cone in a jiffy, just watch out for your legs I had lots of bruises because Dodger would run into me until he got use to it. Sending more healing to Gus.

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    Patt Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HotDogLover
    Some say that neutering calms down a puppy. Is this true? Mine is just as hyper if not more now. And, some even say it makes them gain weight? Is this another rumor that's not true?
    Calming down or not would depend on the dog. When pets gain weight it is usually because they are being fed more calories and not given enough excersie. You should keep a close eye on his waist line and adjust his food portions if and when needed.


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