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Thread: growth charts?

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    Zoebaby Guest

    growth charts?

    Has anyone seen an dachshund puppy growth chart? I'm trying to guess how much my little girl is going to weigh as an adult. She is now 5.6 lbs at 20 weeks. She has been growing about a lb every 3 weeks since I've had her. She was 2.6 lbs at 11 weeks, then 3.6, then 4.6 and then 5.6. What's with the .6? lol

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    kpm_tex Guest
    I don't know of any real accurate way to determine adult size.. there are a lot of ways to "guess" though. If you do a search in this forum you will most likely find them. I can tell you my Merry was a skinny 7lbs at 10 months old and she is 9 as an adult and I really think she should be 8.5 .


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