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Thread: Bald spots behind the ears

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    Two, Two, & Two Guest

    Bald spots behind the ears

    I'm not sure if this is a health issue, but I'll start here. Chloe has bald spots behind both ears - right where you would scratch a dog behind its ears. At first I thought it was because Oscar was getting her -- he plays pretty rough. I've caught him playing tug-of-war with poor Chloe's ear!

    She also has thinning hair on her hind quarters. Not real bad, but it is noticeable. She doesn't scratch, and there aren't any scabs or dry skin or anything. Just thin hair. I'm wondering if maybe it is just from poor nutrition while they wandered before the shelter picked them up.

    I will be taking her back to the vet at the end of July for another heartworm test, so I'll be sure and have him check the spots. But thought I'd see if anyone has run into this with their dachsies.

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    kpm_tex Guest
    It's pretty common with dachshunds. What type of food are you feeding now? Do you give them any fish or salmon oil or other supplements?

    I know a number of people on the board have had great success when feeding Natural Balance foods.. the hair improved.

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    helen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kpm_tex
    I know a number of people on the board have had great success when feeding Natural Balance foods.. the hair improved.
    We just switched to NB for this exact reason. Charlie has very thin spots on his ears and the top of his head; always had. He's been scraped by the vet and the conclusion was just doggy baldness. A lot of members on the board have talked about this problem. We're hoping NB, along with just being a really healthy food, will help fill out his hair. So it's probably nothing to worry about, health wise, but certainly point it out to the vet just to be sure.

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    Anatresia Guest
    Mr. Butters has that- it's alopecia, which is just plain old baldness. He had an allergic reaction to Natural Balance, even though it is supposed to be good, and the vet happened to put him on a combination of allergy meds (doggie benydryl) and fish oil. This combination has made his fur grow back in places it was previously absent and he seems happier because he's not suffering from allergy conditions (itchiness, red bumps, all gone). Now if only Mommy could find a way to be less allergic to him! (I take Claritin daily.)

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    Daxie Mom Guest
    i think a good diet is key probably some tlc doesnt hurt when i got sophie mae she had quite a few bald spots ive had her a little over a year and now she is beautiful nice shiney thick soft coat.

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    Patt Guest
    Usually if it's true alopecia, nothing will help. Good suggestions given about a change in diet, adding Salmon oil etc. BTW if you do change the diet be sure to do it gradually.

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    Roxy has dachshund pattern baldness. Changing to a better quality food (AvoDerm) helped. She now has a little bit of hair on her tummy, but she is still bald. Her hair is very thin on the sides and her ears and head, it's about normal thickness right down the middle of her back. I took her to the vet when I first got her to make sure it wasn't a thyroid problem. He researched it and said it is common in dachshunds, boston terriers and some other breeds. This is the reason she is cold all the time, even in the summer.
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    Our Con has the baldness problem too.

    Our vet even brought out a book to show me just how bad some dogs get it. I hate to say it but he is one of those that is really a bad case. His tail is even loosing hair. It looks terrible but doesn't really bother him at all. It is just one of those things we had to accept and just go on from there.
    We have tried all kinds of things and the vet basically said we are fighting a loosing battle. He was right we just keep seeing him loose more hair each year.
    Good luck I hope it can be helped with the food change and the supplements.

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    Two, Two, & Two Guest
    I have never heard of bald dogs!

    Yesterday morning I did my dog food grocery shopping, and I bought Natural Balance based on what I had read on this board and the links provided. I've only had the dogs two weeks, and they have had a variety of food since I got them, and probably a big variety before that since they were picked up by the shelter. So I shouldn't have a problem making the switch.

    Hopefully this will help. Thanks for all the input. I feel better that no one came back and said "OH my gosh! She might have .... (some fatal something)!" <g> I can live with a bald dog as long as she isn't suffering. And it doesn't seem to bother her a bit. Thanks!

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    Oliver has this too but it was more prominent when I got him last year. I made the food switch to Wellness and added salmon oil to his diet. It's much much better but I think he will always have "thinning" spots.
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