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Thread: Does my Dachshund sleep too much?

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    AmyLou Guest

    Does my Dachshund sleep too much?

    My 2 yr. old dachshund sleeps with me every night. We go to bed around 10pm and get up around 6:30am. She goes outside and does her thing and then she will stand at my bed until I put her back in bed. Usually she gets out of bed sometime before noon but a few times when I come home for lunch she is still in the bed. I know she hasn't gotten out of bed because she can't jump back in bed. Is this okay? She is a little rotten. She is somewhat active in the evenings and we take her and my puppy dachshund (Cissy) for walks and have play time with them. But then in the evening around 7pm she is sleeping again. Are all dachshunds this sleepy?

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    The majority of the time, I have to drag my three out of bed for potty in the morning. Then I leave them sleeping on the couch when I'm off to work. They're sleeping again when I get home. Then they take an evening nap before bedtime around 10. They're such silly things!

    Yes- it's normal for a dog to sleep most of the day. They have very different metabolisms than humans do. But if I remember correctly, she's a little plump. You might want to work on slightly longer walks- and more structured playtime (fetch is great at burning calories if she enjoys it). She probably will sleep just as much- but harder.

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    Tasha's Mom Guest
    Yes, Tasha sleeps from 11pm to 7 am, then walkies, breakfast and she goes back to sleep soon after. When we're at work all day we think she's sleeping--she does when we're home on the weekend, then 5 pm walkies, supper, sometimes a nap, 9 pm walkies, and again, another nap may happen. I'd say she sleeps 16-18 hours per day. When we're home and doing a lot of stuff on the weekend we interrupt her beauty sleep since she has to be in whatever room we're in--especially if its the kitchen!!

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    AmyLou Guest
    That makes me feel better--I was just curious if that was normal. We will work more with the fetch thing. She likes to fetch but then she just drops it wherever she feels like and won't bring it to us or she will go hide it somewhere so her little Cissy can't get it.

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    Lil' Sausage Guest
    Our pups are like that too. They'll get up after sleeping through the night, do their business and go back to sleep!


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