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Thread: Male dog acting like female dog in heat...she's spayed. HELP??

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    Bebe&Buckley Guest

    Male dog acting like female dog in heat...she's spayed. HELP??

    Buckley is going nuts. He is acting just like Bebe is in heat...I have seen this behavior before before Bebe was spayed. However, Bebe was spayed last year, and she is not bleeding. He whines constantly, he follows her around squeezing up next to her every second...she cannot get away from him, he licks her "area" constantly. What is going on? And what can I do? This has been going on for about a week now. We're going NUTS!


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    Who is the alpha with these two? Could it be a change in pack position starting to happen?

    Is Buckley neutered? Maybe another dog in the neighborhood is in heat... and he's thinking it's her?

    I know I wasn't much help... sorry
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    Bebe is generally the alpha. Buckley follows her in action...whether barking or playing, etc. However, when it comes to eating, Buckley has to eat first, and Bebe will step back until he's finished. This is the ONLY time that she is not the leader. I thought maybe it could be another dog in heat in the area too! However, we only have one other dog in our stairwell, and he's a male. I have no clue. (

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    Is she going potty more often?

    Is it possible that she has an infection or something going on? Most of the time it is just trying to be top dog so to speak. But at times when the others are very interested in that way it could be a medical problem. I know if my dogs start jumping on the cats it is off to the vet. Cats can get blader problems easily even with special food. Just a thought you might consider. Is she going out to potty often?

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